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Day 8


So normally after 3 shake days I would do a cleans day but today I decided to do yet another shake day. I had a interview (which it turns out I did not get) and felt like it would be best to have as much energy as possible. So for breakfast/lunch (I didn’t wake up till around noon) I had one of my vanilla with cinnamon shakes. For lunch/snack time I had a lovely veggie sandwich and quinoa (which has become like my favorite thing to eat). I wasn’t paying attention earlier and forgot to take the natural accelerator pill which gives me just a boost of energy to get through the day. Its too late in the day at this point so I guess I’ll be going to bed a bit earlier tonight (since last night I barely slept). I am also going to a party tonight, which means I’ll probably not be eating the best food. And it turns out I have a stomach ache from the pigs in a blanket, pretzels and chocolate. That just proves that my body is really good at discerning between good and bad food. But tomorrow is another cleans day so I am hoping to lose my last 3 pounds in the next few days (this morning I lost another pound!)




The other thing I have been taking on a somewhat regular basis is the sleep support and renewal formula (it is sold separately from the 30 day weight loss and cleans system). It is a spray that you spray into your mouth about 15 minutes before bed. It has melatonin in it, which is something your body naturally produces to tell your body its time to sleep (or in my case it probably is not working properly because I have enormous sleep problems). But what I have noticed is that when I do take it I tend to fall asleep pretty quickly and mostly sleep through the night, a huge improvement for me!




If you have any questions about the Sleep Support and Renewal Formula or about any of the Isagenix products, please visit my website lindsayrappaport.isagenix.com. Or if you want to ask me a specific question please post a comment on my blog.




Thanks for reading!