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Day 9 Cleans Day

Today is my second cleans day since I have been on this diet/cleans. Last time I did the cleans, I didn’t feel too bad. While I was hungry I was not starving and did not feel like I lacked any energy during the day. I even didn’t mind the taste of the Cleans for Life liquid because it tastes kind of like berry candy.


Well today for some reason I am not able to stomach the Cleans for Life. I don’t know what it is but as I sit and try to get it down, I feel nauseated. Even eating the little chocolate squares to curb my hunger (which I normally find incredibly tasty) I am having a tough time stomaching today. I don’t know if its because I haven’t eaten much solid food in the last 9 days or if something in my system has changed, but the Cleans for Life tastes and smells like cough medicine and the chocolate tastes like a mixture of metal, old chemicals and tea leaves (which I don’t like to begin with). I don’t know why its all suddenly changed for me today as I had been doing so well the last 9 days.


I decided that since I wasn’t feeling so great that I had to eat some solid food. I decided to have some veggies mixed with a bit of cheese and cranberries. That turned out to be a horrible idea as half way through my plate I had the worst stomachache of all time! I lied down for a bit which helped a lot and ended up finishing my veggies. A few hours later I felt normal again and continued to have the Cleans for Life and once again it tasted fine and I don’t feel nauseous.


I am not sure why this morning I felt so sick after the Cleans for life. The only thing I did differently was last night, I had some pretty unhealthy food at a party, which is the only thing I can think of that caused my stomach ache this morning. Just goes to show that eating unhealthy just once can be bad for your body.


I never got around to drinking my 4th glass of Cleans for Life but I think I will just have it tomorrow. Today was not the most successful day because I cheated with the veggie/cheese/cranberry meal but I am going to do a better job tomorrow.


If you have any questions please check out my website lindsayrappaport.isagenix.com and make sure to sign up for the 30 day weight loss and cleans! I garuntee you will lose weight. Just look at me! A girl who only needs to lose 7 pounds losing 4 of those pounds in 9 days. That’s tough do to.


Happy cleansing!




Day 7

So today is day 7 of my (maybe) 30 day cleans. I started of well today! I had my vitamins in the morning and a chocolate square as breakfast (because I knew I was having a big lunch today). I have no been taking the Ionix Supreme since day 2 because I am allergic to the kiwi in it. I am not sure how that is affecting the overall diet but I have lost 3 pounds in 6 days.


For lunch today my bosses took me out to the Cheesecake Factory. I knew it was going to be a large lunch. I had some bread, lettuce wraps and a flatbread (although the flat bread was from the skinny menu). I am pretty sure I went over my allotted calories but I am hoping that since I ate a small breakfast it will all be balanced out in the end.


What I have noticed over the last few days is that I have had a slight headache and felt kind of light headed. I am not sure what that means and if it is connected to the diet or not. I have also on occasion felt slightly nauseous after drinking so much water in the morning with the vitamins. But on the other hand I feel slightly more alert during the day and feel ready to pass out around 11. Maybe my body is adjusting to function like a normal person? Only time will tell. It is only day 7 out of 30.


So for dinner tonight I had some rice and veggies. I find when I eat the foods I am most familiar with I tend to feel better than when I eat the food from the diet. Well its more that I feel full when I eat my own food where the diet food makes me feel clean inside if that makes any sense. Essentially I really notice that I am doing a cleans and seem to be feeling the effects of removing all the crap from my system. Once again today I did not lose any weight but I haven’t gain any back either. That goes to show that you can eat out (like I did for lunch) and still manage to be healthy. In 2 days I will be doing my second cleans day. I am not doing it tomorrow like I should be because I have an interview and want to make sure I have as much energy for that as possible.


That’s all for today! Happy cleansing!



  • Day 6 (lindsayrappaport1.wordpress.com)

Day 6

This morning is another shake day! I had my little chocolate square for breakfast before running out the door, and my vitamins once I got to work. I took a shake with me for lunch which I used as lunch and my carry over snack because I can really only drink one shake in a day.


After work I had some rice and veggies for my afternoon snack and some mango for dinner.


I weighed myself again this morning and I am exactly the same as I was yesterday. It seems like the deep cleans days are the real weight loss days for me. I have 2 more shake days before my next cleans day so I am hoping to lose another 2 pounds within that time. After that I only need to lose another 2-3 pounds to be where I need to be. What I am thinking is I will only continue on the cleans until I get to my ideal weight which I think I will reach before 30 days. I do not think it is healthy to lose anymore after that. After that, it’s all about maintaining it. I will continue to eat the shakes, chocolate squares, the vitamins and the chocolate cream crunch bars (because I just like them and they give me nutrients I do not eat normally) and supplement that with normal food. But I still have many more days to go before I get there.


If you have any questions regarding the diet or Isagenix please visit my website lindsayrappaport.isagenix.com or leave a comment below.


Oh and once again I forgot to take pics for the day but I didn’t lose any weight so I probably look the same.


Thanks for reading!



Day 5

Welcome to day 5!

photo-8 photo-7

This morning, I weighed myself to see if I had lost any weight from the deep cleans I did yesterday, and even with that one mozzarella stick I ate I managed to lose 2 pounds! I don’t feel very different but the scale doesn’t lie! So in the past 4 days I have managed to lose 3 pounds, which I think is pretty impressive coming from someone who only needs to lose around 7 pounds to begin with.


Today since I woke up late, I did not have my shake or take all my vitamins before running out the door so I just took my favorite bar, the Chocolate Cream Crunch bar to supplement for my breakfast. I then went to lunch with a friend and had a very carb filled bagel and chicken sandwich. Well that is going to be my splurge meal for the day which is perfectly okay if I continue to follow the diet for the rest of the day. When I did come home I took all my morning pills (although it was close to 3 pm by that point). Since I am still pretty full from that lunch I am not going to have an afternoon snack and just have my shake or my healthy brown rice and veggie bowl that I intended to eat before lunch but never got around to. I also decided to have an extra chocolate cream crunch bar. So I guess I didn’t do a very good job today but tomorrow I am going to get back on track.


It is okay if you mess up a little bit on the diet. Clearly eating a mozzarella stick is not the best thing to do but I still managed to lose weight because the rest of the time I followed the diet strictly. And even today when I ate at different times and took my vitamins in the afternoon, I am still taking all the necessary supplements and making sure if I eat more calories during a meal I eat less for the next meal. Its all a balancing act. You will lose as much weight as the amount of effort you put into it.


Thanks for reading and check out my website lindsayrappaport.isagenix.com if you have any questions. Also post in the comments if you want to ask me anything specific.


Happy shake day!





Day 4 Cleans Day

Welcome to day 4, the first official cleans day. So the way this diet works is that you have shake days (which is what I have been doing the last 3 days) and cleans days. There are only 4 cleans days throughout the entire month because it is a deep cleans where you don’t eat much the entire day. So this morning I started with the Cleans for Life, which you pour into water. I have to take 4oz, 4 times today, which is way more liquid than I drink on a normal day and that doesn’t even include the water I mix it with. I also can only eat up to 200 calories today. It is mid day as I write this and so far I seem to be ok. I am assuming its because of all the liquid that I am not used to having in my system, or its because my cat is at the vet getting a battery of tests done while I wait nervously at home…


So Pumpkin is now home and I must wait to hear the results tomorrow. I hope everything is fine with him. After bringing him home I took the Cleans for Life 2 more times to total 4 times today and only had a few of the Isagenix Snacks (25 calories each) and a few of the chocolates which is recommended. I still felt pretty hungry throughout the day which I guess is what happens during a cleans but I do feel very cleansed from all that water.


Tonight I went out with some friends and just had a glass of water but when one of my friends ordered mozzarella sticks I had to cave and eat one. It really did help me not feel so hungry so I guess that was all I needed to get me through the night.


Tomorrow is a shake day (because there is no way I can do 2 cleans days in a row) so I’ll get to eat some real food! Also today I was really distracted so I forgot to take a picture but I will post one on my blog tomorrow.


Happy cleansing!



Day 2

photo-3 photo-2

Do I look any different? (I’m thinking no but its only day 2 :))

Welcome to day 2 of my Isagenix cleans!

Last night I kind of cheated on my Isagenix cleans…I was really good about taking all the necessary supplements (because I find pills easy to swallow) but I could only drink half of the IsaLean shake I had made for dinner. So to supplement it I felt like I really needed some real food (which is allowed on the diet for 1 meal a day). Well I did not follow the guidelines and ate a bunch of hummus, matzo and a spinach, cheese and pasta dish. I went a bit over board but I was watching Game of Thrones and all the food they eat always makes me hungry J. But I did remember to take the sleep aid and it knocked me out in like 20 mins, which never happens! The downside was I still did not sleep through the night (unfortunately a nightly occurrence).


This morning I drank the second half of my shake for breakfast and surprisingly it tasted way better after sitting in the fridge over night. It was much thicker and more smoothie like so I would definitely recommend doing that for anyone wanting to try the diet. I also signed up another person for the weight loss program who plans to get 2 more people to sign up! I am well on my way to getting my 6 people signed up for the month and I am slowly learning how the whole company works. If you have any questions feel free to check out my website lindsayrappaport.isagenix.com


I decided to take a bike ride for the first time since last summer. I only did a 5 mile bike ride but it took me over and hour and I felt like I was gonna die. Who knew LA was so hilly! When I’m driving its not something I really notice. I guess I really need to exercise more because that was kind of pathetic.


Before dinner tonight I decided to try the fiber for my snack and I actually really liked it! It’s just like eating a fiber one bar or any of those other bars but just a bit healthier. I also learned to today that there are products for kids including dietary supplements (because we know kids don’t always eat their fruits and veggies), and that this plan is the cheapest weight lost program per pound lost. That means it is more cost efficient than any other weight loss program because you will lose more weight making the cost per pound cheaper. That sounds like a pretty good deal to me! On top of that once you sign up, you are able to sign up others, and if you get two people to sign up, you will have earned your money back on what you spent for your products! Each day I am more and more excited about this and the food is tasting better and better!


For dinner tonight I plan to have my one regular 400-600 calorie meal for the day!


Happy cleansing!