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Day 4 Cleans Day

Welcome to day 4, the first official cleans day. So the way this diet works is that you have shake days (which is what I have been doing the last 3 days) and cleans days. There are only 4 cleans days throughout the entire month because it is a deep cleans where you don’t eat much the entire day. So this morning I started with the Cleans for Life, which you pour into water. I have to take 4oz, 4 times today, which is way more liquid than I drink on a normal day and that doesn’t even include the water I mix it with. I also can only eat up to 200 calories today. It is mid day as I write this and so far I seem to be ok. I am assuming its because of all the liquid that I am not used to having in my system, or its because my cat is at the vet getting a battery of tests done while I wait nervously at home…


So Pumpkin is now home and I must wait to hear the results tomorrow. I hope everything is fine with him. After bringing him home I took the Cleans for Life 2 more times to total 4 times today and only had a few of the Isagenix Snacks (25 calories each) and a few of the chocolates which is recommended. I still felt pretty hungry throughout the day which I guess is what happens during a cleans but I do feel very cleansed from all that water.


Tonight I went out with some friends and just had a glass of water but when one of my friends ordered mozzarella sticks I had to cave and eat one. It really did help me not feel so hungry so I guess that was all I needed to get me through the night.


Tomorrow is a shake day (because there is no way I can do 2 cleans days in a row) so I’ll get to eat some real food! Also today I was really distracted so I forgot to take a picture but I will post one on my blog tomorrow.


Happy cleansing!