Day 9 Cleans Day

Today is my second cleans day since I have been on this diet/cleans. Last time I did the cleans, I didn’t feel too bad. While I was hungry I was not starving and did not feel like I lacked any energy during the day. I even didn’t mind the taste of the Cleans for Life liquid because it tastes kind of like berry candy.


Well today for some reason I am not able to stomach the Cleans for Life. I don’t know what it is but as I sit and try to get it down, I feel nauseated. Even eating the little chocolate squares to curb my hunger (which I normally find incredibly tasty) I am having a tough time stomaching today. I don’t know if its because I haven’t eaten much solid food in the last 9 days or if something in my system has changed, but the Cleans for Life tastes and smells like cough medicine and the chocolate tastes like a mixture of metal, old chemicals and tea leaves (which I don’t like to begin with). I don’t know why its all suddenly changed for me today as I had been doing so well the last 9 days.


I decided that since I wasn’t feeling so great that I had to eat some solid food. I decided to have some veggies mixed with a bit of cheese and cranberries. That turned out to be a horrible idea as half way through my plate I had the worst stomachache of all time! I lied down for a bit which helped a lot and ended up finishing my veggies. A few hours later I felt normal again and continued to have the Cleans for Life and once again it tasted fine and I don’t feel nauseous.


I am not sure why this morning I felt so sick after the Cleans for life. The only thing I did differently was last night, I had some pretty unhealthy food at a party, which is the only thing I can think of that caused my stomach ache this morning. Just goes to show that eating unhealthy just once can be bad for your body.


I never got around to drinking my 4th glass of Cleans for Life but I think I will just have it tomorrow. Today was not the most successful day because I cheated with the veggie/cheese/cranberry meal but I am going to do a better job tomorrow.


If you have any questions please check out my website and make sure to sign up for the 30 day weight loss and cleans! I garuntee you will lose weight. Just look at me! A girl who only needs to lose 7 pounds losing 4 of those pounds in 9 days. That’s tough do to.


Happy cleansing!




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