Day 7

So today is day 7 of my (maybe) 30 day cleans. I started of well today! I had my vitamins in the morning and a chocolate square as breakfast (because I knew I was having a big lunch today). I have no been taking the Ionix Supreme since day 2 because I am allergic to the kiwi in it. I am not sure how that is affecting the overall diet but I have lost 3 pounds in 6 days.


For lunch today my bosses took me out to the Cheesecake Factory. I knew it was going to be a large lunch. I had some bread, lettuce wraps and a flatbread (although the flat bread was from the skinny menu). I am pretty sure I went over my allotted calories but I am hoping that since I ate a small breakfast it will all be balanced out in the end.


What I have noticed over the last few days is that I have had a slight headache and felt kind of light headed. I am not sure what that means and if it is connected to the diet or not. I have also on occasion felt slightly nauseous after drinking so much water in the morning with the vitamins. But on the other hand I feel slightly more alert during the day and feel ready to pass out around 11. Maybe my body is adjusting to function like a normal person? Only time will tell. It is only day 7 out of 30.


So for dinner tonight I had some rice and veggies. I find when I eat the foods I am most familiar with I tend to feel better than when I eat the food from the diet. Well its more that I feel full when I eat my own food where the diet food makes me feel clean inside if that makes any sense. Essentially I really notice that I am doing a cleans and seem to be feeling the effects of removing all the crap from my system. Once again today I did not lose any weight but I haven’t gain any back either. That goes to show that you can eat out (like I did for lunch) and still manage to be healthy. In 2 days I will be doing my second cleans day. I am not doing it tomorrow like I should be because I have an interview and want to make sure I have as much energy for that as possible.


That’s all for today! Happy cleansing!



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