Day 6

This morning is another shake day! I had my little chocolate square for breakfast before running out the door, and my vitamins once I got to work. I took a shake with me for lunch which I used as lunch and my carry over snack because I can really only drink one shake in a day.


After work I had some rice and veggies for my afternoon snack and some mango for dinner.


I weighed myself again this morning and I am exactly the same as I was yesterday. It seems like the deep cleans days are the real weight loss days for me. I have 2 more shake days before my next cleans day so I am hoping to lose another 2 pounds within that time. After that I only need to lose another 2-3 pounds to be where I need to be. What I am thinking is I will only continue on the cleans until I get to my ideal weight which I think I will reach before 30 days. I do not think it is healthy to lose anymore after that. After that, it’s all about maintaining it. I will continue to eat the shakes, chocolate squares, the vitamins and the chocolate cream crunch bars (because I just like them and they give me nutrients I do not eat normally) and supplement that with normal food. But I still have many more days to go before I get there.


If you have any questions regarding the diet or Isagenix please visit my website or leave a comment below.


Oh and once again I forgot to take pics for the day but I didn’t lose any weight so I probably look the same.


Thanks for reading!




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