Day 5

Welcome to day 5!

photo-8 photo-7

This morning, I weighed myself to see if I had lost any weight from the deep cleans I did yesterday, and even with that one mozzarella stick I ate I managed to lose 2 pounds! I don’t feel very different but the scale doesn’t lie! So in the past 4 days I have managed to lose 3 pounds, which I think is pretty impressive coming from someone who only needs to lose around 7 pounds to begin with.


Today since I woke up late, I did not have my shake or take all my vitamins before running out the door so I just took my favorite bar, the Chocolate Cream Crunch bar to supplement for my breakfast. I then went to lunch with a friend and had a very carb filled bagel and chicken sandwich. Well that is going to be my splurge meal for the day which is perfectly okay if I continue to follow the diet for the rest of the day. When I did come home I took all my morning pills (although it was close to 3 pm by that point). Since I am still pretty full from that lunch I am not going to have an afternoon snack and just have my shake or my healthy brown rice and veggie bowl that I intended to eat before lunch but never got around to. I also decided to have an extra chocolate cream crunch bar. So I guess I didn’t do a very good job today but tomorrow I am going to get back on track.


It is okay if you mess up a little bit on the diet. Clearly eating a mozzarella stick is not the best thing to do but I still managed to lose weight because the rest of the time I followed the diet strictly. And even today when I ate at different times and took my vitamins in the afternoon, I am still taking all the necessary supplements and making sure if I eat more calories during a meal I eat less for the next meal. Its all a balancing act. You will lose as much weight as the amount of effort you put into it.


Thanks for reading and check out my website if you have any questions. Also post in the comments if you want to ask me anything specific.


Happy shake day!






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