Day 3

Welcome to Day 3!




1 pound lighter!Image


My morning vitamin intake. There is some Ibuprofen and Vitamin D added to the concoction from the diet.Image

This morning I had a late start so I had my early morning vitamins and Ionic Supreme with a glass of water around 11. I noticed as soon as I finished the Ionic Supreme I felt really nauseous and had a stomach ache. I thought it was just because I had drank so many fluids in a short time so I decided to wait a bit hoping it would go away. Turns out it did not so I thought maybe some food would help. I noticed on the Ionic bottle that there was a picture of a kiwi and found out that it actually contains kiwi. Being that I am allergic to kiwis I’m thinking it’s probably best that I don’t have the Ionic supreme anymore… or at least mix it with something so it’s more diluted.


I then knew I needed some actual food to try and get the kiwi out of my system so I finished my shake from last night and had some veggies and rice. I am now feeling slightly better but not great unfortunately and now I have to leave for work soon. Hopefully by the time I get there I no longer feel like I am going to throw up at any second.


So I went to work and didn’t feel so great but I was just filming a wedding and was only there for 2 hours, which was nice. I hadn’t eaten since lunch and I still had a stomach ache so I just ate the Chocolate Cream Crunch bar, which amazingly tasted like a candy bar and some soup. I am feeling much better after eating some solid food (and watching Game of Thrones which always makes me feel better). Today was kind of an odd day but this morning when I weighed myself I dropped an entire pound (but I’m thinking that was from the bike ride)! I’m thinking another bike ride is gonna happen tomorrow.


Thanks for reading my blog and go my website if you have any questions about Isagenix!


Happy Game of Thrones premiere night!




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