Day 2

photo-3 photo-2

Do I look any different? (I’m thinking no but its only day 2 :))

Welcome to day 2 of my Isagenix cleans!

Last night I kind of cheated on my Isagenix cleans…I was really good about taking all the necessary supplements (because I find pills easy to swallow) but I could only drink half of the IsaLean shake I had made for dinner. So to supplement it I felt like I really needed some real food (which is allowed on the diet for 1 meal a day). Well I did not follow the guidelines and ate a bunch of hummus, matzo and a spinach, cheese and pasta dish. I went a bit over board but I was watching Game of Thrones and all the food they eat always makes me hungry J. But I did remember to take the sleep aid and it knocked me out in like 20 mins, which never happens! The downside was I still did not sleep through the night (unfortunately a nightly occurrence).


This morning I drank the second half of my shake for breakfast and surprisingly it tasted way better after sitting in the fridge over night. It was much thicker and more smoothie like so I would definitely recommend doing that for anyone wanting to try the diet. I also signed up another person for the weight loss program who plans to get 2 more people to sign up! I am well on my way to getting my 6 people signed up for the month and I am slowly learning how the whole company works. If you have any questions feel free to check out my website


I decided to take a bike ride for the first time since last summer. I only did a 5 mile bike ride but it took me over and hour and I felt like I was gonna die. Who knew LA was so hilly! When I’m driving its not something I really notice. I guess I really need to exercise more because that was kind of pathetic.


Before dinner tonight I decided to try the fiber for my snack and I actually really liked it! It’s just like eating a fiber one bar or any of those other bars but just a bit healthier. I also learned to today that there are products for kids including dietary supplements (because we know kids don’t always eat their fruits and veggies), and that this plan is the cheapest weight lost program per pound lost. That means it is more cost efficient than any other weight loss program because you will lose more weight making the cost per pound cheaper. That sounds like a pretty good deal to me! On top of that once you sign up, you are able to sign up others, and if you get two people to sign up, you will have earned your money back on what you spent for your products! Each day I am more and more excited about this and the food is tasting better and better!


For dinner tonight I plan to have my one regular 400-600 calorie meal for the day!


Happy cleansing!




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