Day 1 again…

Good Evening!

So after my massive failure with the shake earlier in the day I was feeling a bit discouraged. But then snack time came around and I ate one of the Isagenix SlimCakes and it was amazingly good for only 90 calories! I also had an IsaDelight Plus dark chocolate square which was almost as good as See’s (except nothing is better than See’s but this is a close second). Then dinner time came around and I was dreading having to drink another shake. But I realized we have a Creamy Vanilla shake. I normally don’t go for vanilla because I tend to find it boring but because I loathed the chocolate one so much I thought I would give it a try. To my surprise its actually pretty good! I crushed up ice, threw in a little half and half and surprisingly some cinnamon (after tasting the shake and deciding it had a hint of cinnamon to begin with. I just decided to enhance it)! I am actually enjoying it but I know I can make it taste better with milk and yogurt instead of ice/water. That will be tomorrows adventure.

Thanks for reading!



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