Day 1

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to my blog! I hope you find it a happy place to be for the next 30 days. It has been 3 years since I last did a blog so I might be a little rusty. My previous blog was about traveling and my trip around the world. This one will be vastly different. I am embarking on a new chapter of my life, the getting healthy chapter, which has never been a priority for me in the past. I have always been thin and was incredibly athletic and in shape up until I hit college. In college I gained a bit of weight (as everyone does) but have since gone back to my pre college weight. The only difference now is that I no longer work out like a crazy person which means I am so out of shape. Being thin does not equal being in shape or being healthy which is a misconception of many people. I have started to realize in the past year or so that my body is no longer one of a serious athlete. That is perfectly okay because I have moved on from that part of my life. But not doing sports anymore means I am more sedentary and less healthy physically than I ever have been in my life (I have never been a fan of going to the gym, so I plan to find alternative ways to get exercise). I am also chronically tired and under the weather which most likely has something to do with my more sedentary life style and eating habits. It would be the most amazing thing to feel like I have enough energy to get through the day instead of just slogging through like I normally do. That is why I am starting this 30 day cleans, to make myself a healthier person on the inside and a more in shape person on the outside. It will also vastly improve my ability to lift all those heavy camera cases when I am on set without feeling so beat up at the end of every day.

I know this is going to be a challenge for me because I am not very diligent with my food or working out. While I do eat healthy food most of the time, I definitely do not eat enough variety, and this diet involves eating bars, powder shakes, taking vitamins and supplements for fruits and veggies, which are things I rarely if ever eat. (I actually don’t think I have ever had a powder shake in my life). It will be providing my body with all the nutrients I normally do not get on a daily basis. But I am determined to see this through! The cleans is only 30 days. After that I can pick and chose the items that work and taste best for me!

Along with doing the 30 day cleans, I also work for the company providing this incredible diet, Isagenix. I joined this company after my mom and brother told me about it a few days ago. They are incredible! People have been losing weight like crazy, including a friend of mine who lost 11 pounds in 14 days. There are also numerous athletes using these products and many self made millionaires. A girl my age has been with the company for 14 months and already is a millionaire! Why can’t that be me! That is why I joined as an associate. I have to eat food everyday, why not eat Isagenix food, get in shape and make money while doing it! Its a no brainer. I am a broke 22 year old, just like most kids right out of college. Full time work has eluded me as I know it has for many people who work freelance in the ever disappearing film industry. While I am in no way leaving film and tv (I love it WAY too much to ever leave the industry) I still need a way to make money when I am not on set. This is my solution and I will end up earning enough to support myself while I am not working. I can still live my dream without having to worry about the income from it. It is probably the best opportunity that has ever landed in my lap! As a matter of fact I already have many friends and family signed up and will be earning income soon and its only been a few days! You can do that too!

Okay so enough with the sales pitch for now (I am just way too excited). Today is my first day on the diet and so far it has been an epic failure. But I am in no way discouraged! There is definitely a learning curve to making the food correctly (or maybe its just me because I am seriously food challenged). I took the vitamins (which is by far the easy part) and attempted to make my morning IsaLean shake. Well being that I am a horrible cook and tend to microwave food or just eat it cold, making a shake did not work out so well. Initially I just poured the powder into a glass of water and proceeded to make a mess and make an awful shake. If I had read the directions I would have realized that I had way too much water so it ended up tasting like really watered down chocolate. I then decided to add another pack of powder to even it out and then added the Ionix Supreme (a morning energy booster), Isagenix SuperGreens (which is like eating 10 salads) and some honey yogurt to my creamy chocolate shake. Well it is safe to say that was the worst combo of things I have ever tasted! It was like eating mud with various chunks of dirt (because evidently I have issues with mixing), some plants and a strange sweet flavor (I’m gonna assume that was the honey yogurt). Anyway I fail and making food so I drank about half of it before switching to a much better made Isalean Bar to round out what I need nutritionally for the day so far. Tomorrow I think I am going to try just the shake with milk and ice instead of water which will hopefully help. Others have told me that when the IsaLean Shake is made correctly it is absolutely amazing so I will clue you all in once I figure out the magic formula! I know most people love protein shakes so don’t let my failure discourage you from trying out the shake!

The other thing I will be doing this month is taking a picture of myself every day to see the physical transformation. While I don’t need to lose much weight (maybe 5-8 pounds at most) I am just hoping to look a little more fit.

Hopefully this blog is informative! I am still new to Isagenix and am learning as I go but I am hoping to help people lose weight, get in shape or form their own business with Isagenix and I am here to help in anyway I can! For more info please check out my website

Until tomorrow 🙂



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